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Name: ARC Debt Collection Agency
Also Known As: ARC Europe, ARC Walton on Thames.
Address: Kent House, Churchfield Road, Walton on Thames, KT12 2TU
Fax: 01932 251012
Email: user[at]

ARC Debt Collection Agency and the Truth About Your Debt

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Some debt collecting companies are much worse than the rest. Perhaps the most notorious of the bunch specialise in firing off tentative letters about hypothetical debt telling people they owe money when they know full well they owe nothing at all. This works well for these debt purchasing firms simply because they have observed that some folk will always pay the money even though they realize they owe nothing to anybody. The least honest of these debt collecting companies purchase information about lists of delinquent debtor accounts over six years old and try to make money from these. They are known as Statute Barred debts, and they cannot be legally enforced.

They will probably ask you for your mobile number if you have one. But you should not give out your number to them. Because if you do they will bother you at home and at work any time they want to. They will do this even when you ask them to stop, so tell them in writing, and preferably send the letter by recorded delivery to get a signature at the other end (although so many of these people operate from a PO box number so a signature is impossible to get). Some DPCs will even stoop to contacting the people who live next door to you and ask them if they know anything about your debt. Some may tell your children that you are bad because you can't pay your bills or threaten to do this, wanting to scare you and widen their profit margin. All these companies are profit driven and their sales force know that they have to reach targets. All the things just described are odd, but the law seems to turn a blind eye. Coping with ARC debt collection agency can be extremely stressful.

Remember to insist on handling the debt collection firms by post. Never give out your telephone number. The trouble is at first they will tell you they are the bank and therefore make you feel obliged to cooperate with what they say. Your uncertainty and perplexity is important to them, so they like to create as much confusion as they possibly can: here is where ARC debt collection agency will have the best result. As soon as they get access to your details they will use it to worry you and even to terrorize you. The law is there to stop this happening but most people just don't know which laws to use and how well the DPCs use this to their own benefit. Bodies like the CCCS and the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) give a good service although all too often they are overburdened so there are times when their advice is lacking in detail.

It is an option for you to question the validity of the amount owed or indeed the existence of the debt itself by making a SAR (Subject Access Request) in response to ARC debt collection agency. The true owner of the account (the bank or the debt collection company) is obliged to send you a true copy of your original credit agreement with the bank if the agreement was signed before 6th of April 2007. When they do not do this they are breaking the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and the alleged debt is in dispute. As long as the debt is in dispute they cannot make further demands on you (if they do they are breaking the law again) and they must not sell it on to another agency (which many do nevertheless at this stage). As long as the alleged debt is in dispute it cannot be enforced, even by a court. There is a series of pre-written letters available that you can use to follow up after this. If you want you can get a lawyer to do this for you, owing to the difficulty of the law at certain points. There are also specialist legal and paralegal firms who offer services in this area.

So ask ARC Debt Collection Agency for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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