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Name: ARC Debt Collection Agents

ARC Debt Collection Agents and the Truth About Your Debt

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Some DCAs are far worse than most. There are some DCAs who deal in firing off tentative letters about hypothetical debt telling people they owe money when in fact they know they owe nothing at all. This seems to work well for the debt collectors simply because they have cashed in on the fact that a small proportion of scared people will always pay up even though they realize that they owe nothing to anybody. Many of the debt collecting agencies purchase inventories of debtor accounts which are more than 6 years old to try and profit from them. This is totally against the law. They are classified as Statute Barred debts, they are out of date and they cannot legally be enforced.

Remember to always insist on dealing with these debt collecting agencies by post. Don't give out your telephone number if at all possible. The trouble is that during the first call they make, when your defences are down, they'll say they are the bank and thus make you more obliged to comply with what they say. For them, your uncertainty or confusion is important, so they seek to create as much uncertainty as they possibly can: here is where ARC debt collection agents will have the best result. Because when they get hold of your personal details they will use it to pester you and even to terrorize you. You can use the law to stop this happening but the problem is that most people just don't know what to do and how well the debt collecting firms use it to their own benefit. Public bodies such as the CCCS or the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) are there to offer help but often they are overburdened and there are times when their advice does not provide all the details.

Several excellent consumer finance forums exist online where you may read all about the tactics concerning ARC debt collection agents and their various strategies. Observe how some of the debt collection agencies run certain kinds of activity while others choose a different line according to their strengths. The outcome is misery for ordinary folk.

These debt collection firms will continue to ruin your life and make you worry because they will profit from doing it. They will use dirty tricks on you, even if it is odd to do so. It is a vile profit-driven business staffed by salespeople without conscience who are told to achieve certain sales goals at any cost. The law does not act here unless it is forced. If you try to cope with ARC debt collection agents then you must help yourself if you wish to defeat this injustice. Unless the law we have is properly implemented a lot of people will suffer.

So ask ARC Debt Collection Agents for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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