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Name: ARC Debt Collectors
Also Known As: ARC Europe, ARC Debt Collections, etc.
Address: Kent House, Churchfield Road, Walton on Thames.
Telephone: 01932 251010
Fax: 01932 251012
Email: user[at]
Extra Data: See below.

ARC Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

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The chances are that they will ask you for your mobile phone number (and most people do nowadays). But you should not give your number out to them. If they have it they may phone you at work and at home at any time they like. They will continue to do this even when you ask them to stop, so put it in writing, and send the letter by registered post so that you get a signature for proof of delivery (although so many of these people operate from a PO box number so a signature is impossible). A few debt purchasing firms will even contact the people who live next door to you and tell them about your debt. Some will even tell your kids that you can't pay your bills or threaten to do this, hoping to thus widen their profit margins. All such debt collection firms are profit driven and so their salesmen know that they have to reach their targets. All the activities just described are odd, yet the law seems indifferent for some reason. Dealing with ARC debt collectors can be very stressful.

If you are struggling with ARC debt collectors you will be acquainted with the ruses they employ to get you to set up a standing order in order to profit from people's ignorance of the law. You may already have had bad dealings with them on the phone. They may call you on the phone when they know it is inconvenient for you and do this many times every day. They may write you official-looking sternly drafted letters threatening that they will come round and collect the full amount or that they will take you to court for the full amount. Their other tricks might include attempting an order for sale charge on your property or in some way cause you great personal suffering.

The law in the UK doesn't seem to care much when all this injustice occurs, it appears. A lot of the debt collecting companies that ply their nefarious trade in Britain are funded by overseas companies knowing where to make a fast buck where they can see it. There are laws in place regarding ARC debt collectors, but these debt collection firms manage to trade by bending the rules as much as possible. They only stop this when they are rebUKed by a body like the FSA or the OFT. And even then the tiny fine meted out is such a small percentage of their overall proceeds that they don't really give a damn, and they will treat all such punishments with utter contempt.

There are several excellent consumer finance forums on the internet where you can read about the tactics concerning ARC debt collectors and the various schemes they use. You can see how some of the debt collecting agencies run some kinds of activity while others choose a different line. The result is always distress and unhappiness for ordinary people. These debt collecting companies are sometimes members of trade groups and often like to think they are respectable operators. In truth they are more akin to the con-men who send junk mail to you telling you that you have won the lottery when you never even entered.

So ask ARC Debt Collectors for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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